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Offset Enhance your colours

Created at the start of the 20th century, offset printing is descended from one of the most venerable printing techniques: lithography. It is based on the principle of printing by the transfer (setting off) of the ink on a plate. It can be used on a wide variety of media ranging from paper to metal, cardboard, polymer or plastic. Offset printing also enables the reproduction of the multitude of Pantone colours. This technique is particularly suitable for medium and large-scale prints.

Digital Take a step ahead

Directly managed from a computer, digital printing allows great flexibility while guaranteeing undeniable quality. This technique can be adapted to both short and medium runs, small formats, and larger documents.

Relief Give a new dimension to your documents

A finish particularly appreciated in the world of luxury, this process is ideal for adding a unique touch to your creations. It consists of applying to the still-wet ink a powder which swells to provide contrast with recessed areas. The effect can be applied to text, an image or even a localised area. And to meet all your needs, we offer a wide choice of matt, metallic or coloured powders.
To take it further, thermolaser relief is an efficient process for producing unique and tamper-proof quality documents.

Embossing Bring depth to your communication

Gaufrage, like embossing, is a finish that allows you to create a relief on a localised area by ‘making it stand out’. To achieve this result, the paper is pressed between a shape designed in a mould and a counterpart. Embossing can be applied on various types of paper and be any shape you want. A great way to leave your mark.

Hot foil Leave an elegant memory

Give an elegant and luxurious finish to your prints with hot foil stamping. For this, the paper used for your printing is marked with a heated tool and a gold, silver, copper or coloured film. This extra touch makes it possible to highlight a particular word or element, but also to affix a design or a logo in a delicate and refined way. This technique can be combined with other finishes such as gaufrage for a more elaborate finish.

Design studio Bespoke printing

Much more than a printing company, Noël Imprimeur is a creator of experiences. Throughout your project, from design to final realisation, a member of our team will be assigned to you. They will support you in choosing the most suitable solutions, in validating samples or even in the original concept creation. We provide you with invaluable assistance in the design and management of your projects by integrating the concepts of cost and time control into them at a very early stage. Our design studio can handle a wide range of software, including Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Xpress, etc., to support you in the design or finalisation of your files.

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